Ages 4+. Encourage classroom participation with our fun and economical dry erase boards. Double sided and printed on thick plastic for use with most dry erase. Roylco Hands Up Dry Erase Answer Boards – 5″ ( ft) Width x ” (1 ft) Height – Plastic Surface – 24 / Pack. These two-sided clean-wipe plastic see-through pockets lay flat, making them super easy for students young and old to write on. To jazz up your answer boards .

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When you ask your students a question, is it better to have one student answer, or have all students answer?

Answerboards Up!: The Official Quiz Bee Reviewer – Google Books

Great for everyday questions and answers. Perfect for Kagan Structures such as: Answer Boards measure 21 cm x 28 cm and are double-sided: You and your students jp love them.


Erase Before Storage Have your students or participants erase their AnswerBoards before you or they store them away. Dry ink is more difficult to erase than wet ink. Plus, the boards will be nice and clean for next time.

Write and Wipe Place Value Answer Boards

Use the Wet Ink Trick If you, your students, or participants are having difficulty erasing dried ink, try this simple trick. Scribble a little wet ink over the dry ink. This will annswerboards the ink easy to erase.

Try Another Colour Because of its composition, answerboars ink sometimes takes a little more effort to erase. If your students or participants are having any difficulty erasing their AnswerBoards, substitute blue, red, or green for black.

Simple Solutions If your AnswerBoard has old, dried up ink or someone used a non-dry erase marker, try this: Moisten a washcloth, sponge or paper towel with water and wipe the board clean.

Hands Up Dry Erase Answer Boards?

Do not use a commercial dry-erase solvent as this may damage the surface. You must be logged in to post a review.


Twist-Up Crayons Team 4-Pack. Kagan’s very own twist-up crayons in a colourful pack. Pack includes 4 colours: Perfect for team projects: You can see at a glance who contributed what to a team project. Set includes ten mini felt erasers. Erasers measure 3 cm x 6 cm.

All your teams’ supplies come answerboarrds in a metallic magenta bubblope.

Supplies packaged in a bub Set includes four, long-lasting, easy-to-erase bullet tip answerboardz erase markers. The product is already in the wishlist! Cooperative LearningTeacher Tools.

Weight g Dimensions 10 x x mm. Reviews There are no reviews yet. You may also likeā€¦. Cooperative Learning Dry Erase Markers.

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