Aquamacs is an Emacs for Mac OS X that will feel mostly like an Aqua program – while still being a real GNU Emacs with all the ergonomy and extensibility. Aquamacs Emacs Manual August 6, Contents 1 Aquamacs Emacs: a User- friendly E. Tips and Tricks in this Aquamacs Sub-Wiki; Suggestions and ideas Aquamacs comes with a nice manual (easy to access via the Apple Help.

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Aquamacs remembers where your windows frames are. For help understanding html-helper-mode, see Keybindings for html-helper-mode version 1. I have to disable my ssh key to cause the remote system to prompt for a password.

I couldn’t figure out a way to replace these characters with an interactive command, so I made my personal “cleanup” function replace the characters with true spaces.

Gtypist-mode is an Emacs mode that accesses the same tutorial files as Gtypist. The Mac-standard font Lucida Grande is the default for editing text, and the mono-spaced Monaco is used to other modes. To set the default font for all buffers, do M-x customize-face and type in default.

But if I did, you do it by gotting in the mode, then: To make the file look good in Terminal, you need to open the file with Aquamacs, change the coding system, then write the file. To see a list of faces and the way they are currently set, do Manua list-faces-display.

A work-around is to modify the config of the smbd server. There is a documented way to make maanual own theme, but it fails for me – the resulting file which I named “Petes-color-theme” causes errors in Aquamacs.

Then place the cursor in the Font Family input area and ,anual in Monaco. Alternatively, you can also use just the right-hand side Command or Option keys for Meta, or many others. When you try C-x C-eit’ll error out with the message “Not connected”. It looks terrible in a proportional font. I did local-set-key, which was fine.


Aquamacs won’t be able to delete the files when you save a buffer, because of a known problem with the Mac SAMBA client. When you do this in Aquamacs the first time, Aquamacs will display a message in the minibuffer suggesting that you install an enhanced Lisp-mode named SLIME.

Then save the buffer, and the file will look good in Terminal. Emacs remembers this, and then converts the contents to a canonical coding system used by Emacs, so the buffer looks good to you.

Look it up with Mannual V and follow the “customize” link. Please see the CVS for the collection of patches and additional source-files. That’s too long, so insert this in your.

You can use manuwl mode to read an info file that isn’t installed in the standard place. When you use “Save As” in Apple Mail. Aquamacs loads these files at startup, if they exist, in this order bold ones exist in my environment, others don’t: To open a file named SummitStatistics.

Aquamacs (Pete’s notes)

The lock files will remain after an editing session. That’s fine if you want to edit the manual, but to process it into anything, you manuaal to have LaTeX.

That way, emacs on Linux machines uses the same initialization that Aquamacs uses on my Macs. Your donations keep this project alive. The next time Aquamacs tries to modify the file, Aquamacs will hang with the spinning wheel of death. If you want to experiment with Lisp programming, you’ll probably want to open a lisp file like init.


No installation, no setup needed. Since html-helper-mode doesn’t indent well, you can call an external “tidy” program to indent the buffer.

That means that you can have customized designs for aquaacs types of files you’re editing.

To set the background color, see below in the “Background colors” section. This makes the toolbar disappear, which is great, but it’ll be back the next time you start AquaMacs.

This way, you can edit files with weird coding systems, and they’ll look good in Emacs while you edit them, but they’ll be written with the style they had when you opened them. For example, you can easily distinguish LaTeX files on the screen by their beige background aquanacs, or use variable-width proportional fonts for text modes only, but stick to fixed width, monospaced fonts for manuao code. If Aquamacs starts and goes “beep”, and won’t open windows, and when you click on its icon it goes “beep” and does nothing, it’s because you have a junk frame-positions file.

I don’t want to do that – I want comments to use the same color in Bash mode as aquaamcs Perl mode. To change the coding system, use C-x RET f or set-buffer-file-coding-system and set it to “unix”. If I want to bind that to a key some day, the key should be C-c C-v.

Aquamacs (Pete’s notes)

The GNU Emacs code-base is patched. A community around Aquamacs and a larger one around Emacs! Edit the file and change all occurrences of “my-color-theme” to “Petes-color-theme”.

If the remote system prompts for a one-time-password, as nagman does, you’re screwed.

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