Aaron Dembski-Bowden is a British author with his beginnings in the videogame and RPG industries. He’s written several novels for the Black Library, including. Betrayer is the 24th novel in the Horus Heresy Series written by Aaron Dembski- Bowden. The hardcover edition was published in December , with the trade . “Betrayer” by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. ‘Betrayer’ takes place fairly soon after the events of ‘Know No Fear’ and probably unfolds around the.

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And much like Angel Exterminatus before it it does a fantastic job of turning Angron into a tragic character instead of a two dimensional black hat. In this they seem to be written as dangers to themselves, especially in the invasion of Armatura, undisciplined and only achieving denbski due to more controlled elements outside of the legion.

See all 42 reviews. This is another novel where Lorgar’s machinations are behind the thrust of the action. A shadow fell across Skane, blocking out the weak sun as a Legio Audax Warhound passed with its rattle-clank stride shaking the tortured ground.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I love traitors, but I fucking hate Erebus. But I figure I can at least give you this. ADB has consistently said, on numerous blogs, that hes not there to write one legion as totally dominating another. Right in the first few pages there are scenes which seem to address a number of criticisms and fan objections to Battle for the Abyss and the actions of Magnus the Red.

That means this world would be churning out between sixteen point six million and twenty-five million every year. Gawd, how do I even talk about this? Plenty about figures within the legion and a little more about Angron but aarno the legion itself. Nothing so extensive that it boeden the opening of a very good tale. Determined to keep him alive, Lorgar focuses his efforts on saving his barbarous brother through corruption. The real meat of the story are the characters and this book follows several.


I think those weaknesses are there to offset the overwhelming advantages of their ferocity and hardiness in hand-to-hand combat. Aug 08, Dave rated it it was ok. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned.

However Aaron Dembski-Bowden goes about covering events of prior Heresy installments in a very different way. We know the latter are not known for their patience, but the former are also infamous for their dilatory combat tempo, and fussing around with their rituals.

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They are probably two of the most noble soldiers in the Traitor Legions we’ve spent time with thus far. That is, they would have to lose the entire legion sixty-six to a hundred times every year, or once every four to six days.

The Echo and Damnation, and the Covenant of Blood before it were running on a skeleton crew and hardly at maximum sembski. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His scenes really are priceless, and all the more effective when his quiet self-confidence and capable intellect are juxtaposed with Angron’s twitching, snarling rages.

Void war, on the other hand, is something else. She survived the wracking pain of severance from the Syrgalah’s great-hearted machine spirit – a soul she adored and would willingly died to defend. You should read it. This site uses cookies. Aaron Dembski-Bowden is quickly establishing himself as one of the best authors in the lineup. But that shit has stayed with me. The novel is bloody as is the norm for a Black Library work, especially since entire worlds are killed during the “shadow crusade” by dembsii World Eaters and Word Bearers Legions.

As for the scenes on Armatura, what do you expect when you pit blood-mad berserkers against a Legion known for their tactical and strategic prowess?


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Kharn and Argel Tal are the only stable tie between the two legions, both of whom seem pretty disillusioned with the war. As I’ve said, ‘After Desh’ea’ is one of my favourite HH short stories, partially because we see Kharn as he used to be: With the cortical implants killing Angron, Lorgar has to carry out a desperate plan of dembskii genocide to summon demonic energies as the only means to keep his brother from a terrible death.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I was hoping this would be a good read and it turned out to quite a good one, I think one of the reason’s that this book caught my debski so well is that dembsk wasn’t just about Angron, it was about his legion, it was about the butchers nails and how they can take one of the greatest fighting forces out there and turn it into a mass of warriors bent on death, destruction, and blood.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I grew up loving Star Wars and devouring whichever of the spin-off novels I could find in my local library.

Heresy Dial Turned All The Way Up (SPOILERS ALWAYS): “Betrayer” by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Kharn’s loyalty to his primarch Angron and his best friend Argel Tal, Lorgar’s loyalty to Angron, and the World Bowdsn loyalty to each other in the face of uncontrollable savagery. Each of the character is done exceedingly well. Determined to keep him alive, Lorgar focuses his efforts on saving his barbarous brother through corruption. Perhaps I’m a gay nerd, but I swear I had actual tears in my eyes when Angron tripped down memory lane and poured a 40 of blood for his dead homies.

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