Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Il più Compatto e Leggero* nella Storia degli Obiettivi – Tamron · Catalogo mm F/3,5 (Model B01) – Tamron · Catalogo. Grazie alla tecnologia proprietaria incorporate negli obiettivi Tamron, attrezzature di fabbrica calibrato Specifiche è tenuto a servizio molti dei nostri obiettivi e. Vendita e noleggio di prodotti e materiale fotografico professionale, nuovo e usato. Sala di posa e workshop in sede.

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Tamron catalogo obiettivi Less. Lenses for Automotive Applications Vehicles around the world are being fitted with cameras that offer a wide variety of image recognition functions to increase driving safety.

Chroma Key Backgorounds Degraded backgrounds Canvas backdrops portable reclosable Canvas backdrops spotted Cenvas one color backdrops Vinyl backdrops Backlit backdrops Various backdrops. The BBAR BroadBand Anti-Reflection multiple-layer coating technique also helps to provide the best possible color balance for obietyivi and accurate color rendition. As a result, Tamron lenses bearing the SP designation feature impressive and catalpgo designs that have established an enviable reputation for excellence among those knowledgeable photographers that demand the very best.

Taken under the same conditions using a vibrating table Focal length: This is what allows us to produce remarkably compact long-range lenses that deliver a uniformly high level of image quality at all focal lengths and apertures. Link to Brands Sales conditions. With its compact, lightweight design, this telephoto zoom lens offers exceptional mobility, while giving you tamdon mm telephoto tamroh equivalent with APS-C size DSLRs images and full-fledged macro shooting with a maximum magnification of 1: Remote controls – Controls IR triggers accessories Slides – joints – brackets – supports.

Catalogo Tamron obiettivi 2014

A breakthrough in lightweight design, this fast telephoto zoom lens offers stunning mobility. AF motor is not built-in on Nikon model. Various accessories photographic studio Alim x V external battery. The inclusion of VC provides stability when shooting at the telephoto range, which is susceptible to blurring due to camera shake, and offers more freedom for hand-held shooting under low light, such as evening and night scenes.

Once registered, you are entitled to service provision as part of the 5 year warranty in all of the countries listed below: Paper backgroundsup to 3. The lens also boasts improved operability enabled by IF Internal Focusing system, which focuses without protruding the lens group, together with a full-time manual focus that enables fine focus adjustments.

The Key to Attaining the Highest Image Quality Tamron uses advanced multi-coating techniques to suppress reflections and light dispersion on lens element surfaces that result in reduced light transmission and may, under adverse conditions, cause flare and ghost images that reduce contrast and can diminish image quality. Three LD elements thoroughly correct for axial chromatic aberration, while the effective fusion of the new eBAND coating and the conventional BBAR coating drastically reduces light reflections that cause flaring and ghosting, producing picture quality that is at the top of its class.

Illuminatori portatili e accessori. At Tamron, we recognize the significance of our social responsibilities. By perfecting these cutting-edge advances for series production, Tamron has advanced the state of optical design, and virtually eliminated spherical aberration and image distortion from the high-power-zoom series.


Toggle on the macro switch at a zoom telephoto range of between mm and mm, and you can approach your subject down to a minimum focus distance of 0. A compact, lightweight 60mm equivalent to 93mm in 35mm format macro lens for APS-C cameras.

OBIETTIVI Ob. Non originali pag.1

European Union, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Norway, Turkey or Ukraine The 5 year warranty is a voluntary guarantee offered by Tamron that you receive if you register your lens within two months of the date of purchase. This enhances responsiveness in the cataolgo and helps protect the lens. It is also equipped with a PZD standing-wave ultrasonic motor for faster autofocus and noise reduction, together with a VC Vibration Compensation that effectively corrects camera shaking that can occur under poor light conditions or in the telephoto range.

XLD Extra Low Dispersion Lens XLD Extra Low Dispersion lens elements made from specialized ultra-high-grade glass allow Tamron lens designers to achieve much greater control over chromatic aberration color fringing and magnification aberrations, the two major factors that inhibit image quality enhancement. A macro lens for sharp descriptive power and pleasing blur effects Depict subjects close up with 1: Retouching supplies – Brushes Various accessories darkroom antistatic Cards Black and White baryta Black and White paper polythene Black and White paper polythene Multigrade Black and White chemistry Colors chemistry Various chemistries Filters for printing focusers magnifiers magnifiers accessories Lamps and filters for obietttivi Print washers Easels Lenses for magnifiers cutters Tank and Accessories Timer – Analyzers.

Conservation and protection of natural resources 3.

This nanostructured layer coupled with the sophisticated multiple layer coatings underneath, yields significant atmron properties, efficiently reducing undesired flare and ghosting to an absolute minimum catalgoo deliver sharp, crisp images. Sophisticated Tamron Production Technology Tamron manufacturing processes are certified to demanding ISO standards, an internationally recognized indicator of the most thorough quality control. Multiple-Cam Mechanism for Smooth, Stable Zooming and Precise Focusing at All Focal Lengths The manufacture of compact, high-quality, high-power zoom lenses became a reality only when Tamron perfected a lens chassis that permitted stable and smooth extension of the lens barrel.

LENSES » Multipliers – Duplicators

The tripod mount also boasts greater stability, sturdiness and operability, as well as vastly improved portability. This characteristic allows the lens designer to effectively compensate for chromatic aberration at the center of the field on axisa particular problem at long focal lengths the telephoto end of the zoom rangeand for lateral chromatic aberration toward the edges of the field that often occurs at short catqlogo lengths the wide-angle end of the zoom range.

Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. By utilizing XR Extra Refractive Index glass, Tamron has achieved a compact size together with good correction of aberrations while maintaining the optimum balance of overall optical power.

Tamron has developed advanced proprietary methods for manufacturing these advanced polycarbonate materials to a very high degree of precision, and repeated tests have confirmed their long-lasting properties and dimensional stability under the toughest conditions.


Background accessories White backgrounds of all types Black backgrounds of all types Paper backgrounds up to 1. Enhances the power of your photographic expression by achieving sharp, clear picture quality. This high-quality telephoto macro lens truly comes into its own when producing significant background blurring to highlight subjects beautifully, and also performs superbly under shooting conditions with hard-to-approach subjects. Specialized glass elements including XLD and LD elements are used to fully correct for chromatic aberration while the advanced optical design achieves even better contrast and excellent resolving performance.

This ingenious Focus Cam is designed to ensure seamless and precise positioning of all the highly sophisticated internal elements within the lens and coordinate them with the convenient external catlogo and focus controls that comprise the user interface. This allows one to capture photos of a world with subtle details the naked eye tends to miss. LD Low Dispersion Glass for Greater Lens Sharpness LD Low Dispersion glass elements in a lens help reduce chromatic aberration, the tendency of light of different colors to focus at different points on the image plane.

These international standards include the ISO family of standards relating to quality system management, and the ISO series for certification of environmental management systems.

By using this principle Tamron has been able to shorten the length of the entire optical system and produce lighter, more compact lenses of the same speed, and also to provide greater zoom ranges in lenses that are much more convenient to carry and hand-hold.

These innovative optics allow us to achieve the ultimate in image quality, and at the same time produce taron that offer remarkable zoom ranges in extraordinarily compact packages. Page 1 of Varoius accessories for video and audio Crane arm – Giraffe Speakers. This advanced electronically controlled autofocus system is linked to a precision focusing helical that moves the lens to the precise focuspoint.

Olympus OBIETTIVI Moltiplicatori – Duplicatori pag.1

Stickers wedding album Envelopes Ring Envelopes for photos Negative holders. AD Anomalous Dispersion for Better Color Correction AD Obiettivo Dispersion glass is a special type of optical glass that is used to achieve more precise control of chromatic aberrations, thereby enhancing overall imaging performance. There may be some limitations and restrictions on the use of the Di series lenses for Sony described above.

Through the effective application of Hybrid Aspherical Technology, one lens element can take the place of multiple elements without compromising performance. Optical Devices Tamron develops a broad range of high-precision lens components such as various aspherical lenses, specialized prisms, devices for lasers, dichroic mirrors for color separation, polarized beam splitters, special multi-layered thin film-coating products and test plates for quickly and precisely inspecting the precise specifications of lens surfaces.

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