The horrific murder in of year-old Bobby Franks in Chicago by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb inspired this acclaimed roman à clef. Meyer Levin (October 7, – July 9, ) was an American novelist. Perhaps best known Meyer wrote the novel Compulsion, inspired by the Leopold and Loeb case. The novel, for which Levin was given a Special Edgar Award by. In Compulsion, originally published in , Meyer Levin strives to answer a As Levin indicates in his preface, the narrator, Sid Singer, is a.

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There is much delving into the sick minds neyer the murderers, a lot of psychology, philosophy and some surprisingly graphic compulsioj and images, considering this book was written in Where was the superman conception? From the beginning of the novel, I found myself riveted by this tale. He had merely visualized the shape, curled up, fitting inside snugly. That being the case, one has to wonder if these two had not become such fast friends, introduced by their families because each was a bit of a loner and they had a great deal in common, would Bobby Franks have been allowed to live a ccompulsion and natural life?

For to carry out their carefully timed ransom schedule, the Kessler line had to be open for their call. As they neared the big yellow brick-and-timber residence, Artie leaned halfway out of compusion car to get a good look. In himself, it had perhaps produced a slight quickening, but he was holding it well, Judd was sure. Along with psychoanalytical thinking one always has sex, thanks to Meter, and Compulsion is full of it.

These scenes can be exciting on the screen—and occasionally, though not often, in real life—but generally not on the page. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There was no question of guilt: What was Raskolnikov after all but a weak sentimentalist, full of moral and religious drivel?


Hey, I forgot to tell you, Jocko. Per dimostrare l’uno all’altro, e quindi al mondo, di non essere mollaccioni.

Kessler got hurriedly out of the limousine—he was carrying a swelling brief case, Artie glowingly declared—and right after him came a tall man whose head angled forward. La folie a deux unica e irripetibile, frutto dell’alchimia dell’incontro tra quei due, e nessun altro.


By ldvin on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This was the true enjoyment.

Instead of an eye, it was the value of an eye, the value of a tooth, the value of a life, that was now exacted from the criminal. Artie had been wonderful that night, planning all sorts of mad surprises for the father.

That speaks volumes to me. And Leopold, though a darkly tortured soul, almost certainly would never have committed any crime at compylsion alone murder—had he not met Loeb.

Meyer Levin

There is no book I’ve read that points this out as well as ‘Compulsion’. Desperate, the Straus and Steiner families seek the counsel of the famed Jonathan Wilk, who is based on his real-life counterpart Clarence Darrow.

He leads newspaper reporters to the clues, even blurts out how he would have done it. They approached the rented car. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Paperbackpages. Compulsion is a credible portrait of an era, and an early example of an infamous crime turned into compelling fiction. So much so that the boys were forced to hide their relationship in order to avoid the censure of their families as well as their friends, and society as a whole.

This case too was perhaps the first to bring pressure on the limitations of the law and the disparity between the medical and legal definitions of insanity as the defense secured its meaningless victory- a life sentence I was reminded very much of another favorite read in this genre, An American Tragedy compilsion Theodore Dreiser. Mar 31, Susan rated it it was amazing. From the early documentary experimentation shown in Keyer Reporter to the wildly satiric black humor of Gore and Igorfrom the industrial novel Citizens to the historic epic The SettlersLevin was attuned to changes in society and structured his work for the times while never compromising his own inner vision.


Levin also wrote a series of non-fiction and educational books about Judaism, Israel, and Jewish philosophy and literature; the illustrated Haggadah on which he worked is to this day a staple of Jewish ceremony during the Passover holiday.

Those passages are based on the expert com;ulsion in the case, which recounted statements made by both Leopold and Loeb during their psychiatric examinations. Judd ruled it all out, out from his mind.

Compulsion by Meyer Levin

And afterwards, Judd had thought of the real place, the perfect receptacle for the body. Won this from Firstreads. More Than Amazing I have known lebin this book for decades but just got to it.

Apr 01, Kasa Cotugno rated it really liked it Shelves: It worked for In Cold Bloodbut meyef one just did not hold my interest, However, Levin was an excellent writer and I plan to read more of his work.

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