Anna University Sixth Semester Computer Science and Engineering CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design (Regulation ). CS / Object Oriented Analysis And Design .pdf OOAD IMPORTANT (Size: KB / Downloads: 5,). CS OBJECT ORIENTED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN LECTURE NOTES AND DESIGN Lecture notes OOAD Notes 6TH Semester Notes – Regulation

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Describe the strategies used to identify Conceptual Classes, Describe the syplabus to create a domain model used for representing conceptual classes. Explain the logical architecture refinement with diagram. When Are Contracts Useful?

What is Object-Oriented Analysis and Design?


With an example explain syllabuss the use case relationships. What is meant by POS? E Civil 5th Semester Question List out the types of Events.

Mention the Interface and Domain Layer Responsibilities. What is meant oooad link? What is meant by High cohesion? Explain to find the conceptual class hierarchies with suitable diagram.


What is meant by State chart Diagrams? What is a Domain Model? Mention the guidelines that suggest when to show aggregation.

What is the use of System Sequence Diagrams? What is Design patterns. Mention some Conceptual Class Category. What is sylllabus by interaction diagram? Explain all attribute specified in the Domain model with example. Explain the logical architecture and UML package diagram.

Give the meaning of Event, State and transition.

Define System Events and the System Boundary. What are the key ideas for Planning the Next Iteration? What are Activity Diagrams? How to Create a Domain Model? Write short notes on adapter,singleton,factory and observer patterns. List out the components of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.

How to Choosing the Initial Domain Object? Designing for Non-Functional or Quality Requirements. What are the tasks performed in elaboration? Define Events, States, and Transitions. What is meant by Messages? What is meant by Fine-Grained Classes? What are the key ideas and best practices that will manifest in elaboration?



Newer Post Older Post Home. Anna University—Distance Education M. Anna Univeristy Exams starts on 14th May as per th Write briefly about elaboration and discuss wyllabus differences between Elaboration and Inception.

What are the Benefits of Iterative Development?

Object Oriented Analysis & Design CS notes – Annauniversity lastest info

Illustrate with an example, the relationship between sequence diagram and use cases. How to Naming System Events and Operations?

How to Find Conceptual Classes? Define the Inception step? Explain about POS generation systems. What is meant by Abstract Class Abstract Factory? Explain about artifacts of Inception [16] 3.

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