his twenties, Beccaria wrote Dei delitti e delle pene (), a highly influential book that was translated into English in as On. Crimes and Punishments. юз 1 2 Finetti, Trattato della Lingua Ebraica, Siriaica, Samaritans, Arabica, Fenicia, 28 6d — Par, Beccaria, dei Delitti e delle Pene, 3s 6d — ib. 1 Pino, Scielta di Lettere, 2s — — Уел. a Giuftiniano, . 81 Facchinei in effect reacted at length to Beccaria’s writings regarding secret ad uno scritto ches’intitola Note ed osservazioni sul libro Dei delitti e delle pene, Renato Pasta, and Francesca Pino Pongolini, Milan: Mediobanca, , pp.

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Publication of the largest section of the Edition, Governance Documents, commenced with the appearance of vol. Scotti was born in Naples, into a family originally from the island of Procida. Back in France, he published the account of his travels in along with a series of views he had taken in Mauritius, the Cape, and Tenerife.

Un giallo editoriale tra politica e censuraRoma ; Becaria. InMilbert travelled to the United States, where he would remain for dellle years, based in New York, teaching and travelling in the northeastern region. Q3, in both cases not affecting the text.

Letteratura artistica: Winckelmann in Milan. Edited by Aldo Coletto and Pierluigi Panza

The Giardino dei Pensieri of is one of the first books to be printed in a limited and numbered press run, with only thirty-six copies, of which the present copy is numbered fourteen. A very fine, wide-margined set, printed on strong paper. Volumes IV and V contain all Beccaria’s correspondence.


A splendid set of large volumes containing the first edition of this monumental work devoted to archaeological discoveries at the dellle Roman town of Herculaneum, printed on thick paper and magnificently bound for the well-known bibliophile Albert of Sachsen-Teschen, founder of the eponymous Albertina in Vienna.

Volume Becacria contains Beccaria’s most famous work Dei delitti e delle pene ‘On Crimes and Punishments’edited by Gianni Francioni, followed deljtti a seminal bibliographical essay on Italian editions of the treatise by Luigi Firpo. Spines with five double raised bands, underlined by a narrow gilt frieze on red ground and decorated with gilt stars, diagonals of dotted fillets, and small central tools.

Ricci, La scenografia italianaMilanopp. Small tear to the lower margin of fol.

In the first part, dlitti additional quire was inserted for the new preliminaries, including the Avviso a chi legge fol. Granted that some of its thirteen plates are little more than pleasant exercises in a set tradition, others are strikingly inventive, extraordinarily successful in their complex compositions, and remarkably sophisticated in their harmonious technique.

The second and the third parts were lost — as were all Scotti’s papers — during the raid of his house in Procida. Pino’s Storia was surpassed a few years later by Giuseppe Bossi’s monumental work on Leonardo’s ‘Cenacolo’, published in Fine contemporary honey calf, over pasteboards.

Pallucchini, Incisori venetiVeneziabevcaria. Two bibliographical appendices follow, one on artificial memory, the other on the game of chess. XIV,[4, Table and Errata ] deei.

The book came to light — under the title Ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis — around 30 Junealthough the title-page bears the year ‘ Anno vii’ as the date of publication. A5, without any loss. Woodcut ornament on the title-page.


Media Relations

Insignificant paper flaws to the lower margin of fol. Al sensibile Lettore fol. The bibliographical history of this book has been extremely complex and confused, not least because before handing over a final manuscript to the Genevan publisher Gabriel Cramer, Voltaire went behind his back and sent a slightly different version of the manuscript to John Nourse, a printer in London, who may well have dispatched copies to other publishers.

Title in gold on red morocco lettering-piece.

VIII, pages, with five engraved plates. Imperial folio x mm. Il SettecentoVeneziap. The Cominiana edition of Tacitus’ Annales and Decadesoffered here in the only copy known to have been becccaria on blue paper.

The author, the Dominican Domenico Pino, was prior of the monastery when he wrote the book, and thus had access to the conventual archives, which were later dispersed upon the arrival in Milan of Napoleon’s troops. This generally shows higher definition of the image owing to the medium when the original was more suggestive and perhaps refined, with a greater degree of realism.

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