console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. Digital Mixer with Dual Power Supply. VENUE SC48 Music Mixer pdf manual download. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot. DM V2 Owner’s Manual – Yamaha Commercial Audio.

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One of the pitfalls is the creation of stereo pairs, causing a break in the audio at the time of activation, therefore impossible to create a “to hard” for a show Plug-Ins are arranged by process type such Power turns the rack slot on or off.

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Snapshots are commonly used to store the mixer setup and levels for individual scenes, songs or sound cues in a performance. Function switches and background colors for Channel Con- trol are listed in the following table.

Select the desired event to display its assigned triggers. Press Enter on the keyboard. Scc48 save many Lives, and the result is worthy of much more expensive solutions. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Channel Con- Using Channel Control is as simple as selecting one or more trol also lets you digideisgn a custom User set of controls for im- channels and choosing a Channel Control function to adjust In the Shows column, click a Show file name to select it.


Events This chapter introduces the Events window, and explains how Terminology to use the Event List. Output Masters Next Plug-in switch advances you to the next plug-in inserted on the current channel. Page Direct Out affect both the output signal and the signal fed to the plug-in. To set the number of available Input Channels: The correcting entries are efficient and know how to stay transparent.

Side config is a little more difficult. This ensures that all mixes are not penalized in the case of one or more exceptionally high-latency signal paths. For more information on Mute operation, see Chapter 16, Choose the output fader bank you wish to control. If prompted, do not restart the system Put the system in Config mode.

VENUE Live Sound Systems Documentation

Talkback Dim Level Sets the dim level, which is the amount of attenuation applied to the mix on the output bus when Talk- back is activated. It sounds, just make sure you go in on the other hand if it sounds soft Very good dynamic, Fx, must seek the right plug, because not all properties. Go to the Options page and click the Pickoffs tab. It is clearly not in the “typing” Midas or soundcraft Right-click either of the selected mono channels on-screen and choose Make Selected Mono Strips Stereo.

Page F1 or click the on-screen Preview button. Partners must be re-installed separately. Page of Go.

The ECx host software is uninstalled, and the D-Show soft- ware automatically restarts. Click the Input Direct button in the Config section of the In- puts page for the selected channel.


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Without hesitation, we’d definitely choice. Troubleshooting This chapter provides troubleshooting and problem solving information. Snapshots store information about channels and mix parameters, and you can use a variety of methods to edit, preview, and manage snapshot data. Page 32 Using Flip to Faders, it is possible to control send level from When multiple channels are selected, the Channel Name dis- the faders, and pan on the encoders. The delay time of all Tempo Sync-enabled plug-ins change to match the system tempo.

Page 33 User This switch is reserved for future use. Put the system into Config mode.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a www. Double-press the Fine switch. Note the “Flex-channel” and “Vac-Spill” To restart the system: Plug-Ins can be placed in any rack slot.

Turn a rotary encoder to adjust the pan for the correspond- ing mono Group. The top of channel pickoff can be as much as 18 dB louder than other pickoff points and sources.

Side-chain routing is not stored in snapshots. Adding an AO16 or XO16 output expansion card will add outputs to slot E, and those hardware outputs will be numbered 17—

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