Las “escalas de Conners” fueron diseñadas por C. Keith Conners en Desarrolladas para evaluar los cambios en la conducta de niños. Medias de las puntuaciones en la escala de Conners de los síntomas de trastorno por déficit de atención/hiperactividad y los problemas asociados en el tiempo. 28 ITEMS Psychometric Analysis and Normative data for the portuguese adaptation of conners’ Ctrs Adaptação Portuguesa da escala CTRS dados.

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Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Methylphenidate hydrochloride given with or before breakfast: Accordingly, Table 9 shows the donners significant results of the analysis with the sample connes boys.

Data collection through filling in the CTRS scale was carried out by a total of teachers. I Laboratorio de Memoria, Hospital A. A handbook for diagnosis and treatment. See more popular or the latest prezis. Multivariate Behavioral Research36 1 Present to your audience.

Preschoolers classified as having attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD: Services on Demand Journal. Houston, we have a problem! As a conclusion of the different psychometric tests carried out, it is possible to say with relative certainty that the Conners’ Teacher Rating Scale adapted to the Portuguese population maintains satisfactory levels of reliability and, in some cases, very high levels.

Escalas revisadas de Conners (CRS-R) by Bryan Gonzalez on Prezi

In parentheses Anglo-American results by Goyette, Conners, and Ulrich Cinners and Conclusion As a final conclusion for this work, it is important to call attention to two aspects related to its main objectives. To do this, and given the asymmetric and platicurtic negative kurtosis distributions with which data had to be operated, it was decided to carry out a nonparametric contrast applying the Kruskal-Wallis test.


In this regard it should be noted that Castro’s study Castro et al.

A Conduct problem items: Appendix B presents the transformation Tables of the direct values into the corresponding T values. Retrospective studies on the epidemiology of the reproductive casualty: To date, for diagnostic purposes, Anglo-American normative data proposed by Conners have been used. Utiliza gafas especiales con sensores de movimiento y auriculares, para observar un aula virtual.

Effects of age and gender Before presenting the new normative data, it is important to highlight the findings that the differences by gender and different age groups, such as those proposed Conners, are also seen in these results. J Abnorm Child Psychol.

Such values seem high enough and suitable for the established measures. Factor Structure, Reliability, and Criterion Validity.

Fizeram parte do estudo 1. Central conduction time of magnetic brain stimulation in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.


In conclusion, after noting that the Anglo-American normative data are inadequate to interpret the results obtained for the Portuguese sample, this work leads to the proposal of new normative data that may be applicable to this particular population.

Reset share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are not affected. Send this link to let others join your presentation: Descriptive of Total Scale 28 items.

ADDH and conduct disorder: Moreover, it appears that Conners B dimension Hyperactivity clearly defines factor 1 of the present solution while C dimension Passivity-Distraction defines factor. Retrospective studies on the epidemiology of the escala conners casualty: Checklist, norms and clinical interpretation. Present to your audience. RESULTS Psychometric Analysis Reliability In order to analyse the reliability of the total scale and of the different subscales, an analysis of their internal consistency was carried out.


A Hhandbook for diagnosis and treatment.

Contrast statistics from Kruskal-Wallis test by age variable In conclusion, it may be noted that the differences by age and gender showed generally significant effects in this sample data in the same direction found in Conners’ original studies with Anglo-American samples.

Houston, we have a problem! Not in vain, the correlation between both measures is 0. However, in analysing in detail the factorial weights for both structures, it becomes clear that they are very similar, pointing in the direction of a one-dimensional structure. A Conduct Problem 8 items. Additionally, a further complimentary analysis with the whole sample was carried out in order to try to demonstrate whether it is reasonable to maintain for this Portuguese sample the factorial solution proposed by Conners.

The total sample was distributed into age levels ranging from three up to 17 years of age, covering the various stages of schooling – kindergarten, elementary, preparatory and secondary education.

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