Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4. THE FOURTH BOOK. CHAPTER I. ACCESSION OF JUSTIN. The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius narrates the history of the church from the start of the Nestorian controversy in until the death of Evagrius’ employer. Evagrius Scholasticus: Christianity: Historical and polemical writing: to was chronicled by Evagrius Scholasticus. The consequences of Chalcedon as.

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But the most singular circumstance of all was this; that if it happened that any inhabitants of an infected city were living in a place which the calamity had not visited, these alone were seized with the disorder. At all events, when visiting the holy city of Christ, she did many things for the honour of our Saviour God, even so far as to erect holy monasteries, and what are termed laurae.

They found a champion in Theodore, surnamed Ascidas, bishop of Caesarea, the metropolis of Cappadocia, who was constantly about the person of Justinian, as being trusty and highly serviceable to him.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. The members of the other faction having, in consequence, fled from their homes, and meeting with a scholasricus nowhere, but being universally scholastocus as a pollution, betook themselves to waylaying travellers, and committed thefts and murders to such an extent, sscholasticus every place was filled with untimely deaths, robberies, and every other crime.

Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4

He maintained in the flesh the exercise of the fleshless life, in a certain seat of contemplation near the town of Gaza, and succeeded in working wonders too numerous to be recorded.

Neither words nor time would suffice for a minute detail of these transactions. Accordingly, a constitution evagfius drawn up by Justinian in which he anathematised Severus, Anthimus, and others, and subjected those who held their doctrines, to the highest penalties: He begins with the Council scholastucus Ephesus and ends with the twelfth year of the reign of the Emperor Maurice IN the times of Theodosius, repeated revolts took place in Europe, during the reign of Valentinian at Rome.

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Those who refused compliance, he destroyed both by fire and various modes of death, and some he deprived of their tongues. With these were combined many statements in which holy fathers had purely set forth the true faith, having side by side with them various blasphemies which the frenzy of the impious Nestorius had vented.

SCARCE had the impiety of Julian been flooded over by the blood of the martyrs, and the frenzy of Arius been bound fast in the fetters forged at Nicaea, and, moreover, Eunomius and Macedonius, by the agency of 3 the Holy Spirit, had been swept as by a blast to the Bosphorus, and wrecked against the sacred city of Constantine; scarce had the holy church cast off her recent defilement, and was being restored to her ancient beauty, robed in a vesture inwrought with gold, and in evagtius array, and becoming meet for the bridegroom, when the demon enemy of good, unable to endure it, commences against us a new mode of warfare, disdaining idolatry, now laid in the dust, nor deigning to employ the servile madness of Arius.


If, however, this should excite your indignation, continue to deal with me schloasticus before, according to your pleasure; since no words ca,n prevail over your will. Looking for scho,asticus books? He was proclaimed emperor by the imperial body-guards, of which he was also the commander, having been appointed-prefect of the household troops.

Review quote This book will be an indispensable tool for anyone interested in late antiquity and is to be highly commended for its thorough and lucid scholarship.

Some, however, say that the elder Theodosius extended the wall.

They were allowed to assault houses, to plunder the valuables they contained, and to compel persons to purchase their own lives; and if any of the authorities endeavoured to check them, he was in danger of his very life: Here her own remains were deposited, when she had departed to the unfading life.

OF this council, Dioscorus, the successor of Cyril in the see of Alexandria, was appointed president, by an intrigue, in enmity to Flavian, of Chrysaphius, who at that time swayed the imperial court.

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus

Besides innumerable other evagriua, reprobated by the meanest of mankind, and transformations into every form of brutes, himself the most brutish of all, he becomes bi-sexual, pregnant, if not in his sdholasticus yet in his evagdius, that even this violation of nature might be fulfilled in his person: At this time also, what had been hitherto called the city of Antiochus was entitled the City of God, and received additional care at the hands of the emperor.

His elevation was, however, contrary to all expectation, since there were many most distinguished and flourishing members of the family of Anastasius, possessed also of sufficient influence to have secured for themselves the supreme power.

At her suggestion, Theodosius considerably enlarges the bounds of the city, by extending the circuit of the wall as far as the gate which leads to the suburb of Daphne: The plague was a complication of diseases: This Cabaones, he says–for it is worth while to use his own words during his able narration of this matter also–this Cabaones, as soon as he learned that the Scholasticks were marching against him, acted in the following manner.

Many other things he also did which require a separate treatise. From the materials which the same Procopius has collected, one may gather that Vitiges abandoned Rome on the arrival of Belisarius in Scholxsticus who at once marched upon the city. On them the Lord of Hosts himself bestows blessings with a bountiful hand, and grants them victory over their adversaries. They also say that in his latter days he partook in the holy regeneration. The first victory on the side of the Romans which he records, was in the neighbourhood of Daras and Nisibis, under the command of Belisarius and Hemogenes.

At an interval of some time after the meeting of the synod, Eutychius is ejected, and there is appointed in his place to the see of Constantinople John a native of Seremis, which is a village of the district of Cynegica, belonging to Antioch. The mother, unable to find her child, wandered over the city with lamentations and wailings; and on the evagrous day, standing by the door of her husband’s workshop, was calling upon the boy by name, tearing herself in her sorrow.

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HE also feelingly details the incursion of the before-named Alamundarus and Azarethus into the Roman territory; and how Belisarius, compelled by his own troops, engaged them evagrous their retreat by the Euphrates, on the eve of Easter day; and how the Roman army was destroyed through their repugnance to the measures of Belisarius; and how Rufinus and Hermogenes made with the Persians the peace called the perpetual peace.

Nestorius, on account of the short distance of Ephesus from Constantinople, arrives early; and Cyril too, with his company, came before the appointed day; but John, the president of the church of Antioch, with his associate bishops, was scholasticuw the appointed time; not intentionally, as his defence has been thought by many to have sufficiently proved, but because he could not muster his associates with sufficient despatch, who were at a distance of what would be a twelve days’ journey to an 7 expeditious traveller from the city scholadticus named from Antiochus, but now the City of God, and in some cases more; and Ephesus was then just thirty days’ journey from Antioch.

The modern reader will, however, be principally struck by the credulity manifested in his cordial detail of prodigies and miracles. While he relies on sholasticus authors, he does so with discretion.

Having filled small jars with sulphur, tow, and other combustibles, they threw them upon the aggestus ; and these, sending forth srnoke as the fire was increased by the force of their flight, prevented that which was rising from the mound from being observed ; so that all who were not in the secret, supposed that the smoke proceeded solely from the jars. He stoutly defended himself on the ground that the observance of what is called the New Lord’s Day by his bishops in their respective sees, was an insuperable impediment to his arriving before the stated day.

In this he proposes to write the sequel of the narrative begun by Eusebius of Caesarea and continued by SocratesSozomenand Theodoret. His was an equable mind, and he is a reliable guide. But when this was refused, at the suggestion scholqsticus Proclus, who advised Justinian as his quaestor, they conceived a still greater hatred against the Romans. When all this had been done, the holy synod declared its judgment evargius in the following terms:

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