USER MANUAL. C-MAG MAGAZINE. SYSTEM. M / FN MINIMI The C-MAG Magazine M/FN MINIMI is a. round ammunition magazine, manufac-. FN Minimi – Belgian-made version of basic machine gun. The Flip-up dust covercloses the magazine port when it is not in use, serving also as a belt guide. The FN MINIMI is a gas actuated long-stroke piston system LMG firing The gas valve is manually adjustable with two positions: normal and.

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Note the lack of the heat shield above the barrel,and the tubular buttstock. Minimu and allows the Minimi to be instantly changed from belt feed to magazine feed without any modification.

The standard light machine gun version has a mm FN Minimi — Belgian-made version of basic machine gun. The handguard has three forward picatinny rails.

The weapon is fed from the left-hand side by disintegrating-link ammunition belts, from either an unsupported loose belt, enclosed in a polymer ammunition box with a round capacity attached to the base of the receiver, or from reusable or round pouches, or from detachable round STANAG magazines, used in other NATO 5. The rear sight is adjustable from to 1, m minii m increments.

Taiwan also produced the Minimi without license, as the T The heavy projectile provides increased performance at long ranges.

Both the Standard and Para variants are equipped with a folding bipod mounted to the gas tube and stowed under the handguard. Long barrel mm Light machine gun Squad Automatic Weapon.


The weapon is currently manufactured at the FN facility in Herstal and at their U. Retrieved 16 May It has improved accuracy, terminal ballistics and barrel erosion, and better penetration compared to ordinary NATO ball. Archived from the original on An under-mounted polymer ammunition container helps keep ammunition cleaner for reduced wear and added reliability.

FN Minimi – Gunsopedia

The LMG is capable of delivering a large volume of effective fire which complements the effectiveness of all squad weapons across the spectrum of infantry operations. Both the standard and Para models come with a rear sight, adjustable for windage and elevation, that provides a peep aperture for ranges from to m in m increments.

The stock has an integrated hydraulic buffer that stabilizes the rate of fire and reduces felt recoil. This gun traded off some of the range and firepower for compactness and maneuverability. It contains no lead.

Archived from the original on 18 October Each M model includes one spare barrel. The Mk3 configuration is only available with the hydraulic buffer. The weapon is fed from the left-hand side by disintegrating-link M27 ammunition belts a miniaturized version of the 7. The Minimi features a welded receiver made from stamped steel. Personal tools Create account Log in. The Minimi prototype was originally designed in 7. Since its introduction Minimi has seen widespread service, and numerous variations miimi been developed.

M light machine gun. As a result of favorable reviews of the Mk 48 Mod 0 and increasing demand for a more powerful variant of the Minimi, FN Herstal introduced the Minimi 7. Retrieved on July 29, The hooded front sight is installed in a post on the gas block.


This sequence provides a slight delay that ensures chamber pressure has dropped to a safe level by the time a cam in the bolt carrier rotates and unlocks the bolt, increasing extraction reliability as the empty cartridge casing has had the time to cool down and contract, exerting less friction against the chamber walls. The user can have his eye correctly aligned with the iron sights, or optical sights, while keeping minimj cheek properly positioned on the buttstock.

FN MINIMI 5.56x45mm Light Machine Gun

Archived from the original PDF on 15 August Guns and the city PDF. Standard equipment supplied with the Minimi consists of three ammunition boxes, a cleaning kit stored inside the forearm, lubricant bottle, sling and blank-firing barrel. Archived from the original on 6 November By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The MG is equipped with an Aimpoint optical sight. The adjustable-height 3 positions bipod, when folded back, integrates into the shape of the hand guard even with an accessory on the miinmi rail.

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