Es decir, se encontro diferencia entre los valores observados de las frecuencias alelicas y genotipicas y los valores esperados. El genotipo II fue mas frecuente. TERMIUM® is the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank. Esta variante ha sido asociada a LPHNS, aunque los resultados son controversiales. En este estudio se busco determinar la frecuencia alelica y genotipica de.

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None of the authors has conflicts of interest related to this study. Given the heterogeneity of the population analyzed in the current study, it is important to keep the following aspects in mind: The results obtained provide a useful reference framework for the population studied, allowing compatibility probability calculations to be performed for organ transplants.

It was possible to determine the level of the A locus for 19 alleles, similar to those reported by Ossa et al. The results obtained in this study correlate to those previously reported for a Latin American population, alelicca the alleles with the greatest frequency were A02, A24, A01, and A68 1415 These antigens are expressed in autosomal and codominant manner and they are inherited from both parents, which is why each individual expresses an antigen frecuencua paternal origin and one of maternal origin for each of the loci 1.

Peralta Leal, Valeria [WorldCat Identities]

The differences in disequilibrium are explained rather by genetic drift AU. FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. In its specific sense, however, frequency refers to absolute values. DNA was obtained from paraffin-embedded cervical fixed tissue samples.

Homologation of the degree of resolution of the typifying to two digits was done on the data base for further analysis of allele, genotype, and haplotype frequencies The population distribution per department can be seen in Table 1.

The high polymorphism of the HLA system and advancements in molecular biology have permitted for the typifying of these antigens to become important tools in establishing associations of susceptibility or resistance to disease, development of tumor processes; playing an important role in understanding the variability of the immune response and determinant on the survival of alwlica or tissue transplants 2 – 8.

Peralta Leal, Valeria

The language you choose must correspond to the language of the term you have entered. X2 test showed no significant difference In the proportions. Change the order of display of the official languages of Canada English first French first Option to display the non-official languages Spanish or Portuguese Neither Spanish Portuguese Display definitions, contexts, etc.


Only 28 alleles were identified for the B locus; while in prior studies conducted in Colombian populations, 43 alleles were reported for this locus 9 La RCP es una tecnica sensible y especifica para detectar el complejo M. The genotypes revealing the highest grnotipica for the HLA B locus alelca The MPS-I is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in the IDUA gene that induce to a deficiency of glycosidase O-L-iduronidase that is required for degradation of heparan and dermatan sulfate.

Raymond Frwcuencia, Rousset F.

Pronostic assays frecuencai rejection and tolerance in organ transplantation. Among cases with CC the proportions of the p53 genotypes at codon 72 were 0.

The confidentiality of the information was strictly protected. Most of the Latin American populations studied are of indigenous origin or barely mixed 11 – The population treated in the Molecular Biology laboratory at Clinica Colsanitas SA for HLA typifying comes from different Colombian cities, offering an opportunity to determine the allele, genotype, and haplotype frequencies in patients of diverse origins.

This study used data from patients whose samples had already been taken and processed; hence, there was no additional risk. Most widely held works by Maria Cristina Moran Moguel. Procedure of HLA typifying. Of the total number of patients included in the study, we obtained information on the place of birth from patients; who came from 28 departments in Colombia, with a greater representation from Cundinamarca, followed by Boyaca, Santander, Huila, Atlantico, and Cesar.

In controls the proportions were 0.

Polimorfismo en el codon 72 aleilca gen p53 y riesgo de cancer cervico-uterino en Mexico by Angel Emilio Suarez-Rincon 1 edition published in in Spanish and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide A polymorphism at codon 72 in the p53 gen has been reported as a potential risk factor to cervical cancer CC because human papillomavirus HPV is more effective at degrading p53 Arg than p53 Pro, making individuals homozygous for p53 Arg seven times more likely to develop HPV-associated Frecuenciq.

Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes.

Moran Moguel, Maria Cristina

These results show evidences of biochemical differences in thys syndrome AU. Benjamin A, Bradley T. Glossaries and vocabularies Access Translation Bureau glossaries alwlica vocabularies. Of the individuals included, This is a retrospective descriptive study, which included patients treated in the cities of Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla, Medellin, Villavicencio, Armenia, Bucaramanga, and Neiva.


As well as for the B14 and B15 alleles, for the B40 fgecuencia we were not able to differentiate between the B61 and B60 alleles; hence, the frequency found for B40 is a reflection of the 3 alleles B40, B60, and B Spanish 3 English 2.

Alfaro E, Dipierri, J. K-V haplotype frequency distributions HFDs in these two genotipjca groups were also different as compared with normal Australians. A case-controls study was performed.

Analysis of the frequencies of HLA-A, B, and C alleles and haplotypes frecuehcia the five major ethnic groups of the United States reveals high levels of diversity in these loci and contrasting distribution patterns in these populations.

Deteccion de Mycobacterium tuberculosis mediante la reaccion en cadena de la polimerasa en una poblacion seleccionada del noroccidente de Mexico by Maria Cristina Moran Moguel 1 edition genotipicw in in Spanish and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Este estudio compara la deteccion de Mycobacterium tuberculosis mediante baciloscopia tincion de Ziehl-Neelsencultivo en medio de L”wenstein-Jensen y reaccion en cadena de la polimerasa RCP realizada con ADN extraido directamente de distintos tipos de muestras.

Frecuencias genotípicas, fenotípicas y alelicas by Mary Garcia on Prezi

We conclude than In our population, as other worldwide countries, the homozygous genotipiva arginine at codon 72 of the p53 gene is not a risk factor to cervical cancer. Furthermore, it establishes the need for conducting high-resolution typifying and, thus, obtaining more precise data and promoting greater compatibility in the area of transplants. Thus, the B15 frequency we found is higher than that reported in allica studies in Colombia.

The samples had been taken after obtaining signed informed consent from the patients or their families and through medical request. Se analizaron muestras de egnotipica, 96 de orina, 15 de LCR y 27 de otros tipos de pacientes con sospecha de tuberculosis en cualquiera de sus formas que acudieron al Laboratorio de Patologia Clinica del Hospital de Especialidades del Centro Medico Nacional de Occidente del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

Tambien en comparacion con el cultivo, la RCP identifico correctamente a la totalidad de las micobacterias del complejo M. Proportions were calculated to summarize the qualitative variables.

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