The hexagramas i ching represent images of different universal situations, with his respective combinations between the luminous force celesta, the terrena and . El hexagrama obtenido es el 52, con la sexta línea en mutación Hex 52 del I Ching, ya que es el punto en que se juntan la muerte y la vida. Diagrama de los hexagramas del I Ching propiedad de Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz , El I Ching ([î tɕíŋ] en Mandarín), también conocido como Clásico de los.

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Hay quienes dicen, como Ritsemaque el nuclear es lo contraindicado. Todo empieza a afectarme y entonces decido consultar por lo que pueda ser de ayuda. By examining all possible ancient and modern correlations we strive chinv bring you the most comprehensive free I Ching reading available online. There can be conflicting messages when an I Ching reading delivers multiple changing lines.

El Hermano Mayor

Line 1 and 6 changing can also suggest how a situation described by the Primary Hexagram is being viewed from completely opposite perspectives. Interpretation of the hexagramas of I Ching The first grade of evolution of the hexagramas of i ching has to do with the systematical combination of the divided and entire lines that we can observe in the diagrams. So line 3 of Hexagram 64 warns you about moving too hastily chijg past assumptions and the need for patience to examine other possible outcomes.

Read only the transformed hexagram as the first hexagram has been exhausted.

I Ching – Free I Ching Reading Online | I Ching (Yijing) Readings

Typical of the hexagramas of I-Ching The hexagramas i ching represent images of different universal situations, with his respective combinations between the luminous force celestathe terrena and the dark one, inside the hexagramas i-ching there appears before us the possibility that we could realize cying modification and a transformation in the individual lines, of a such way that each of the signs could transform into other, as it usually happens in the constant and eternal change of the situations of the life.

For deeper insight into the meaning of a changing line, all line interpretations include the resulting Hexagram that would have been generated if that were the only line changing. Then, bearing all this in mind we can say that the i-ching hexagramas constitute to a trigrama on other, that is to say, a structure the same one that inspired George Boole to create the binary system on which there is based the electronics and the computers composed by six lines.


Nature is a Teacher. The Splitting Apart of 23 with line 1 and 6 changing leads to 24 and heexagramas bring what is divided back together if we let go and become innovative with the discernment taught through the lines of 23 Splitting Apart.

In Brightness Hiding we would have assumed nothing needed rectification and merely held to our inner light. Any changing or old lines will create a Secondary Hexagram which reveals both the basis of your hexaagramas and the changes that are at play. When the 56 Wanderer doesn’t get the message to be a better house guest at line 1, he burns bridges in line 6 and can show the darker side of Hexagram 55 Abundance when it is overdone.

Un poco el Wu Wei chino. As the trigrama is composed by three lines, the same one charts an experience of the life through that one lives in three different moments. All the hexagramas of the i-ching are concatenados some in others demonstrating the different situations for which a human being must happen along his life as to uexagramas previous experience he is followed by the later one that corresponds to him.

Significado I-Ching N° CHIEN. El desarrollo, el progreso gradual

Below are additional guidelines that can be used to determine which line prevails. The two coins used on this site accord with the Wilhelm Baynes translation where the side with four Chinese characters on the left, top, right and bottom are Yin with a value of 2. That is the lesson of 64 Before Completion too, because its message is that all things change. Four lines are changing: Line 1 has a message about something new as a beginning, while line 6 talks about the unexpected arrival of help in the final hour, so slow down and stop pushing so hard.

In 31 Wooing line 1, someone is not inspired enough to act, while in line 6 action is overdone and superficial.

Las tensiones suelen acumularse en la espalda. The Zong Gua of 6 Conflict would be 36 Brightness Hiding which is the opposite of what should be done in this situation. Six lines are changing: Voices of the Changing Lines By examining all possible ancient and modern correlations we strive to bring you the most comprehensive free I Ching reading available online.


The firmest line of the hexagramas of i ching is represented by an undivided line corresponding to the Yangthe luminous beginning; on the other hand, the soft line consists for a broken line that corresponds to the Yinthat is to say at first darkly.

This is important because many people use the wrong approach in assuming the hexagrajas hexagram always changes to become the second.

The Secondary Hexagram can show both the foundation of your question and the potential outcome. For example 31 Wooing with line 2 changing would become 28 Critical Mass. Add line 5 which would have changed to become 62 Small Exceeding and we are warned to honor the small and less significant aspects and not be too rigid.

The side with the two symbols associated with the Phoenix and Dragon are Yang with a value of 3. Voices of the Changing Lines. When line 1 and 6 are the only changing lines, the message of the Primary Hexagram is especially auspicious.

There are four types of lines that can be generated by throwing the coins: Sentarse tranquilamente significa que hay que hacer un trabajo consciente, hay que disponerse para ello, no es simplemente sentarse y no hacer nada.

Yang solid Yin broken old Yang changing and old Yin changing. The roof of your aspirations with a weak foundation and aggressive response won’t work because 28 offers a message: Tao te Ching Audio.

The lines will offer advice about how to transcend any misunderstandings about the principles at work in both Jexagramas with the influence of the Nuclear Hexagram.

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