AAAE abides by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations regarding booth construction. and/or in their event’s rules and regulations at – non (IAEE). Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations are created to promote. The IAEE Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations were originally created to promote continuity and consistency among North American exhibitions.

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Executive Summary Iade order to improve the accessibility of Energy Journal papers, authors are required to submit a short one to two page non-technical Executive Summary in PDF format which contains the following: Major, refereed articles that deal with theoretical or applied problems of continuing interest in energy economics and related disciplines.

Submit drawings to NAMM for towers in excess of eight feet 8ft 2. Pages must be numbered. All other guidelines for Linear Booths apply. To view a sample Energy Journal article click here.

Linear booths, also iee “inline” booths, are arranged in a straight line and usually have neighboring exhibitors on their immediate right and left, leaving only one side exposed to the aisle. Failure to provide the extended abstract will result in iase in the review process and potentially delays in publication. Display materials must be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines line-of-site rule of neighboring exhibitors.

All volt wiring should be grounded three-wire.

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Equations should be in equation editor or MathType format. Guidelinees Trade Commission, Bureau of Economics Our conferences provide the opportunity to hear the latest research in energy economics and dialogue that takes place between industry, government and academia. In keeping with this direction, NAMM is requesting that Exhibitors construct single-story displays only.


Donate to Student Scholarship Fund. Outstanding Contributions to the Profession.

All guidelijes, branding and logos must be set back ten feet 10ft 3. It is important that atmospheric effects, such as fog, haze, and theatrical smoke effects be safe. Exhibitors with any visible unfinished portions to their booth prior to show opening may incur charges to have these portions finished on-site.

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Hanging signs or other items from the ceiling is prohibited. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively with superscript Arabic numerals. Smoke alarms will be required in any covered booth. Crates or cases used for display must be masked or in guiddelines suitable condition. IAEE offers a wide variety of products and services designed to help you achieve your professional goals and take your career to the next level.

Articles should carry no more than 12 complex equations defined as multi-lined equations. Pearson, Cardiff University, Pearsonpj cardiff. Light Projection Company product that projects lights or lasers.

Papers should include an alphabetical reference list of all works cited. Fire and safety regulations in many facilities strictly govern the use of towers. Sixteen feet 16ft 4. Double-sided signs, logos and graphics shall be set back ten feet 10ft 3.

Carpeting or flooring is required.

There are many benefits to being a student member in IAEE. Data Availability Policy The Energy Journal is committed to the principle that results in papers that it publishes must be replicable. All tables should have concise titles. Manuscripts should be double-spaced using point guideliness on a page 8.


Refer to local building codes that regulate temporary structures. Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for approval before publication. The Journal does not publish in color. Requests must be submitted to tradeshowops namm. Exhibitors must ensure that any display fixtures such as tables, racks or shelves are designed and installed properly to support the product or marketing material to be displayed upon guidelinez.

Ceiling supported truss hangs and hanging signs guidelinfs not permitted No lighting, fixtures, lighting trusses or overhead lighting are allowed outside the boundaries of the exhibit space. The Exhibit Facility’s fire hoses and extinguishers must be visible and accessible at all times, including but not limited to those attached to a column located inside the confines gguidelines a booth. Hardwall booths must be a minimum of nine 9 inches from the back booth line for electrical access.

Guidelines for Display Rules & Regulations

The Editors of The Energy Journal may submit papers for publication consideration by following the procedures and criteria as approved by the Board of Editors.

IAEE publishes three publications throughout the year. All figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the text. Our membership consists of those working in both the public and private sectors including government, academic and commercial.

Energy Economics Education Database. guivelines

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