Inconceivable is a novel by Ben Elton, following a childless couple’s efforts to conceive. The story is told in the form of journal entries by the two principal. Inconceivable [Ben Elton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The international bestseller that inspired the movie Maybe Baby. Birds do it. The hilarious and poignant new novel from one of Britain’s most entertaining and provocative writers.

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I normally love Ben Elton’s writing, but this, for me, was the worst of the bunch. Hitchins rated it really liked it. I respect the way in which Elton manipulated the two points of view to convincingly portray a inocnceivable malfunction of communication.

Inconceivable by Ben Elton – Penguin Books Australia

Despite the serious nature of the main issue there is a lot of humour involved in the book, there is also a lot of crass and crude language throughout, so not for the easily offended. From the Paperback edition.

Want to Read saving…. He’s exhausted, a bit clueless and endearing throughout. Appeared in BioNews knconceivable He wanted to be a stagehand at the local theatre, but inconceibable did A-Level Theatre Studies and studied drama at Manchester University in And come out the other side of it.

Lucy and Sam trying to get pregnant.

Lucy desperately wants a baby. Except, then, no, there’s no further evidence that that’s what was intended at all. Lucy desperately wants a baby. The idea of the diaries was used in the book so that the two characters would not be frightened of expressing their slton feelings, this made the book more open to show the differences of the male and female emotions.


Alternating diary entries from a couple who are dealing with the inability to produce a baby together – that’s how this book is written. Comparatively speaking, the male character was much more three-dimensional and convincingly developed. Lucy thinks Sam is a sad, cold sensitivity-exclusion zone who would rather read a newspaper than have a emotion.

Good, but a little drawn out. I like Sam, I like Sam alot. I should watch some Black Adder to restore my faith in Elton. Das sind dann Stellen, an denen man einfach laut loslachen muss. At the same time, both are hilarious and it makes their situation a little lighter.

Ben Elton’s sixth book “Inconceivable” is the story of married couple Sam and Lucy and their attempts to have a baby. Well written, with some interesting sections that kept me reading.

And given that the average IVF cycle has about a one in five chance of going into full production, Lucy’s chances of getting what she wants are considerably better than Sam’s. It’s interesting reading since Elton never hints at where he’s leading you, or to about which subject he will open up like a can of worms next. Thi time there is NO third person involved.

Doch eins fehlt ihnen: But about half way through something bad happens and the rest of the novel never recovers the lightness and humour of the first half.


His career as both performer and writer encompasses some of the most memo Ben Elton was born on 3 Maygen Catford, South London. He writes in a style that many writers have tried and only half have pulled off successfully. You get to see firsthand the perspectives of the two main characters of the same events as well their individual emotional responses.


There was a happy ending! I must admit I was almost half resigned to giving up with the plotline, with the two-dimensional lead female character and inconceiable husband.

The World According to Garp. Your subscription to Read More was successful. Elton manages to weave a fantastic line between sad and funny moments.

The entire book is formed from the couple’s personal diaries, created to help then deal with the difficulty of getting pregnant. Sam is really great, the kind of person I would like to talk to. The Splendor Before the Dark. In short, not my thing but it might be yours.

Inconceivable by Ben Elton

Tears could flow at points. The storyline was lame, and pretty predictable, the whole secret movie thing was ridiculous given I don’t even know where to begin with this book, I thought it was horrible.

But it’s too much too late, over-loading inconveivable sympathetic capabilities I possessed at that point and leading to a cruelly insensitive “meh” reaction on my part. The book’s style is extremely unusual. Jan 13, Dhen Hawke rated it it was amazing. Objectives Background Reader testimonials People. Ben Elton, as many of us fans out there know, tends to write murder thrillers with that touch of comedy that everything he has ever done, and ever will do, has.

A bit slow at the start but very funny nonetheless.

I think the issue here is that I can’t relate to this on any level, due in its entirety to my own life experience.

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