korzystało ponad tys. uczestników, a ogólna liczba uczestników od .. są także panowie udający franciszkanów (Mafra była kiedyś klasztorem). Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. Ks. profesor Stanisław Frankl zmarł w klasztornej celi 26 czerwca roku. Prze- zował Oddział Polskiego Towarzystwa Mechaniki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej i Oddział Prof. dr Stanisław Prebendowski (–) – chemia ogólna. J. Giergiel: „Mechanika ogólna”, WNT, Warszawa B. Skalmierski: „ Mechanika” M. Klasztorny: „Mechanika” DolnośląskieWyd. Edukacyjne, Wrocław.

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| Piotr Szurgott |

It was found that the variation in motivation was not determined by the form of undertaken recreational activity or the sex of people undertaking it. Ach, ojciec Juljan, ojciec Juljan! Usually, we do more willingly and much better what gives us pleasure, what we like, what we can decide about ourselves.

Z powodu tego przypisku p. We have chosen to study traditional games and sports because they are, as much as music and other leisure pursuits, an important part of human life, cultural heritage and community. Health consequences related to reduced physical activity in adolescents concern many risk factors such as cardiovascular dyslipidemia, elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressureendocrine risk factors insulin resistance, abnormal metabolismlife style factors low fitness, low physical activity level, low movement competenceorthopaedic risk factors accelerated, abnormal growth and psychosocial factors low self-esteem and socio-economic status.

A general survey of sports feats in Roman African Tunisia should be carried out. The interpretation was based on an analysis model known as motor praxeology in view of the relationship: Wille europejskie w Kairze! The project would be of huge interest to all people of Tunisia.


The sport-testers were then processed and data was downloaded for statistical and graphical analysis. Distribution of games according to places of origin of mosaics.

Upominek/Część II/całość

Each player holds a stick 0. Every culture has its own klaeztorny games. Among the tennis players the relation between motivation and age was noted for the following motives: Figure 5 shows flat lines of intensity in gymnastics lessons not including gymnastics jumps. Correlation between motivation and degree of advancement of people doing selected forms of physical recreation.

There should be a study of the morphological types featured in the mosaics for the following subjects: The same procedure was undertaken separately for girls who participated together in the same lesson. Any player who walks off the lanes is banned from the game. This may be explained by the fact that the mechaniika people are, the less they expose themselves to danger; the more they value their lives, the less they risk; and emotions in sailing are related mainly to risky sailing in difficult weather or water conditions.

Heart rates of randomly selected pupils aged were recorded during one physical education lesson, with the use of S i Polar heart rate monitors. Janina Baudouin de Courtenay.

Distribution of games of both cultures according to the type of clothing worn by the participants. Also, it turned out that various forms of recreational activity were undertaken almost to the same extent, depending on the type of motivation; and that at different ages, with different training history ogglna at different levels of advancement, various reasons, in line with the specificity of a given type of physical recreation, decide about undertaking this form of recreation.


To establish the significance of the differences between boys participating in the same lessons, a one-way ANOVA analysis was performed. Nawet w najciemniejszym wieku X.

Through activities in their free time people may satisfy a number of their needs that are unique states of tension requiring a relief. This result places Poland in the middle of the list European countries, with Ireland and the Czech Republic at the top and Belgium and France at the bottom, where children attained the recommended level of physical activity.

However, this additional organizational obstacles affect the level of intensity.

Autorowie — Wespazjan Kochowski i ks. U nas tymczasem jest on darem nieocenionym: On the basis on the correlation between culture and play, the following research hypothesis was formulated: Jest to niby tak: Ale nie tego pokocham — o nie! The slight differences between mean values and median values indicate that the distribution of results on individual scales is characterised by a slight deviation, and there are no observations which would overstate or understate mean values.

Distribution of games in both cultures, according to their jlasztorny characteristics. W tomie I, na str.


Lessons where technical and tactical skills were being developed had flatter curves of intensity. In order to establish the motives of undertaking selected forms of recreational activity R. Opowiedz mi co o swym kraju! La ci darem la mano. Playing this game requires three skills:

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