: Differend: Phrases in Dispute (Theory and History of Literature) ( ): Jean-Francois Lyotard: Books. This original study examines Jean-François Lyotard’s philosophical concept of the differend and details its unexplored implications for literature. it provides a. Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend Jacob M. Held Marquette University Department of Philosophy Coughlin Hall P.O. Box

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Differend: Phrases in Dispute

When phrases are concatenated, they follow rules for linking called phrase regimens. However, the ability of the plaintiff to describe the nature o f the damage is problematic. Lyotard begins with an opposition between discourserelated to structuralism and written text, and figure a visual imagerelated to phenomenology and seeing.

Law, Form, EventNew York: On his view, the postmodern is that which exists within the modern itself. Leuven University Press, So given the fact that one must link onto the phrases idioms may provide better linking alternatives than those alre ady in existence.

Given this alternative the unfortunate result is that violence always re sults. These inexpressible facts are marked by w hat lyotadr terms the differend. What sense of the phrase is meant? There is no question of questioning it. La guerre des Algeriens: We should interpret Lyotard as taking this to be a good thing, since such a proliferation more accurately reflects his general ontological view of the world as composed of events which give rise to multiple interpretations, and which can never be accurately captured by a single narrative.

Le Différend – Jean-François Lyotard – Google Books

The structure within a structure is rarely remarked upon in terms of its metaphorical value but it is worth noting that Lyotard included numerous other philosophical voices in a book which is devoted to examining the language games that silence one group so that another group can be empowered.


Imagine that subsequent to the origin al wrong a phrase is found that appears to express the original situation in the genre of discourse within which it was previously inexpressible.

For every phrase, there is a regimen within which it exists, the possible significations of that phrase, the referent of the phrase, the one from whom the phrase arrives, and the addressee, the one to whom the phrase is addressed. The other side of the tensor contains residual potentialities for other meanings. The dominance dirferend one genre stifles the conve rsation.

The Differend

In time the band begins to slow and cool, and forms what Lyotard calls “the disjunctive bar. The politics of the lyotar philosophy revolves around a nuanced reading of Marx and a duplicitous relation to capitalism. This goal directs how phrases are linked on from one to another.

The problem is obvious. This led him to lyotars strongest denunciation of Marxism yet in Libidinal Economy Phrasing the differend seems to imme diately create another violence, or injustice, namely the silencing of the origi nal wrong and substitution in its place something that does not express the orig inal wrong. However, this is a fact about existence, it is not something that can be e liminated.

Jean François Lyotard (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

So how do we judge, without criteria? Pierre Vidal-Naquet, who had so strongly spoken differenr against torture in Algeria, then turned his attention towards this deliberate attempt to deny the historical truth in a series of essays published between and later collected in one book, Assassins of Memory: Consider the follow ing.


The two possibilities p or not-p both lead to the same conclusion Fp.

Lyotard’s answer is – performativity. In its mature form, Lyotard’s postmodern politics deals with the concern for justice and the need to bear witness to the differend.

The theory of language games means that each of the various categories of utterance can be defined in terms of rules specifying their properties and the uses to which they can be put. The Differend Lyotard develops the philosophy of language that underlies his work on paganism and postmodernism most fully in The Differend: Difrerend University Press, This takes place through the deictic terms in language such as here, now, I, you, this which gain meaning by referring to dirferend and spatial specificities in the world of the language-user.

Postmodern Condition5 One need only see the decimation of the U. Both are concerned with the unpresentable: One woul d assume that Lyotard’s motivation lyotagd raising issues such as Auschwitz, behi nd addressing the nature of wrongs, violence and hegemonic discourses is to offe r a solution or at least to provide a perspective from which a possible solution may be offered.

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